Twin Dynamics and Resonance

A four-day somatic exploration

Informed by Pre & Perinatal Psychology trainings as well as Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Dates: July 20-23rd, 2018
Times: 9:30 – 5:30pm
Venue: 365 Panorama Terrace, Lillooet, BC
Cost: Full payment before June 20th CAD $550, after June 20th $600


This is a very sensitive dynamic so care will be taken with accepting participants. Participants need to have a certain level of grounding and ability to be with difficult feelings. They need to be able to maintain a certain level of witness-self. Participants will need to fill in an application form and do an interview either in person or via Skype to be approved to join the workshop. Spaces are limited.

Please pay the deposit or full payment once your application is approved.

Co-resonance is happening all the time. Many therapists are very familiar with this dynamic as it is often experienced in the therapeutic fields. It is a powerful ability we have to co-resonate with each other and within ourselves. But it can be overwhelming if we are ungrounded. There are many ways that we can understand and work with this dynamic. Twin dynamics are often involved, especially if we have lost a twin very early in our embryonic experience.

Twin dynamics are much more common in our world than we realize. Up to 1 in 8 of us could be twins. With the rise in assisted reproductive technologies this number is rising. Womb twin survivors have a powerful ability to empathize and resonate with others. With this dynamic being so common in our world almost everyone even if they aren’t a twin themselves will have a parent or sibling who is a twin. Therefore this twinning dynamic whether it is an imprint from a close relative or is something that actually is in our own experience is extremely prevalent. I would even go so far as to say we are basically all twins.

Challenges to our Concept of Self

This workshop will be unique in that we will also somatically explore human chimerism which is more common than previously assumed. Chimerism is when a person has more than one type of DNA in their body, as a result of fusing with a twin during embryogenesis.

This dual dynamic shows up in other ways as well. We all have right and left hemispheres to our brain which under certain conditions may or may not communicate with each other as well as they could. This can set up a sense of having two sides to ourselves.

Another way this dual dynamic shows up is via our microbiome. Our microbiome is a symbiotic part of ourself that is also a virtual organ of different DNA. We can be more or less conscious of how our microbiome interacts with our psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system and this dynamic often show up very much like a twin dynamic with a different personality coming through depending on the balance of our microbiome.

Humans are not a unitary entity but a dynamic and interactive community of human cells and microbial cells. By current estimates, approximately half of the cells in our body are microbial.

The microbiome is not “influencing” the genome; it is co-constituting the metaorganisms we humans are. – How The Microbiome Challenges Our Concept of Self

These various dynamics create the ability to strongly resonate and emphathize with each other and in particular with others who also have this dynamic. People who work in the healing fields will often find that they easily drop into this resonance. Some people may find this dynamic so powerful that many of the common techniques of grounding, developing boundaries don’t make a difference in their ability to resonate with their clients. For those people there may be something more primal to this interaction.

Exploring and working with twin dynamics is a powerful way to learn how to work with this ability in a way that is informative and supportive for both practitioner and client.

There are many aspects to this dynamic which have yet to be explored and understood.

Different things happen when there are twins in the womb. One of the things that can happen is that one of the twins becomes absorbed into the other twin. This is one way that a person can have two personalities within themselves, this is often very confusing in a world that doesn’t admit or understand that this can happen. When this is understood and accepted it makes a huge difference.

In this workshop we will somatically explore various twin dynamics without pre-conceived ideas about how it works. We will work with grounding in order to really listen to what our bodies tell us about our experience with our twin. Whether this is twin loss or twin symbiosis or other completely different dynamics we will be present and open to understand. Our understanding of boundaries and differentiation may be challenged so we will have plenty of time to go slow, pause and take time to support each other by resourcing and feeling the deep health within.

There will be some lectures, videos and images to help us deepen our exploration as well as plenty of experiential exercises (including creating masks and doing some mask work) and group sharing.

Application Process

Because spaces are limited in this workshop, please fill out the form below to let me know you would like to participate. If the workshop is full, we will put you on a wait-list. After reviewing your application, we will schedule a time for a Skype interview.

Once your place is confirmed, you can make your payment here and complete a Prenatal and Birth History form. Please fill it out with as much detail as you can and submit it before the workshop begins.

Applications are closed.


About the Facilitator:

Renee Hella is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher and has been facilitating deep healing work for more than 15 years. Renee began her work with this modality (Pre and Perinatal Psychology) in 2012 and assists with summer intensives and process workshops with Myrna Martin.

Renee’s work is a path of feeling her roots and grounding into her own body by continuously exploring how she can more fully embody her ‘Deeper Self’. When supporting clients and groups she leans back into the support of the Earth and our ancient Grandmothers’. This practice gives more depth, safety, wisdom and multi-dimensional support to the work the group does.

Getting to Lillooet

Arrangements will be supported for people coming via Vancouver or Kamloops to connect and share a car rental to drive to Lillooet. You can fly to Vancouver or Kamloops, but not Lillooet.

From Vancouver:

  1. Take BC-1 E out of Vancouver (through Hope) to BC-12 N at Lytton. Follow BC-12 from Lytton to Lillooet. Watch out for rocks on the road between Lytton & Lillooet.
  2. Take BC-99 N out of Vancouver (through Whistler). Turn right to stay on BC-99 in Mt Currie. Follow BC-99 the rest of the way to Lillooet (gorgeous drive). Watch for rocks, deer and other wildlife on the road between Mt. Currie and Lillooet.

From Kamloops:

Take BC-1 W, then in Cache Creek, follow BC-97 N briefly to BC-99 S. Follow BC-99 S to Lillooet.


Lillooet, BC is an incredibly beautiful little town on the Fraser River, about 240 kilometres (150 miles) or 4 hours drive north from Vancouver (2 hrs north of Whistler). Lillooet has no airport but is only 2 hours drive from Kamloops. Nestled into the rivers and mountains, Lillooet is a rugged, natural location that is truly unique. There is something very special about this place for healing, culture, grounding, resonance and feeling the symbiotic interactions of human and non-human.

Places to Stay:

There are several lovely campsites with great facilities located in and around Lillooet as well as motels, hotels, B&Bs and quite a few Airbnb options in the area. More info here including an overview of price breakdowns. The first two motels on the list are within about 5 min walk to the venue.