Somatic Repatterning

4 days for 5 participants

Dates: April 19 – 22, 2019
Cost: CAD $800 (Payment 30 days before workshop $750)
Times: 9:30am – 5:30pm (completion time varies)
Location: Lillooet, BC


These deeply somatic re-patterning workshops are also called Process Workshops or Womb Surrounds. This format of workshop was originally developed by Ray Castillino.

Please note: Since spaces are limited please fill out this application form and get confirmation before making payment.

Please pay the deposit or full payment once your application is approved.

Format of the Workshop

Each participant has about a 2.5 hour session. Sessions can go longer depending on the material surfacing. The whole group is involved in supporting of whoever is doing their work.

The workshops begin with an explanation of the form of the sessions as well as an overview of the principles of the work. This process helps us begin the ritual of dropping into our somatic bodies. When this is complete we will go through a process of choosing who is ready to do their session. During each person’s session we will all be involved in holding and supporting the person in their session. The work each person does resonates with the whole group.

Please do not schedule any appointments or activities in the evenings during a workshop. You will also want to go home and take a bath, eat some nourishing food and take it slow.

What Happens in a Session?

All sessions are unique as participants do important work from different periods of their life. Participants heal and re-pattern all kinds of experiences and trauma.

At the beginning of the session an intention is discovered for understanding/healing an aspect of the participant’s pattern/dynamic in their life. As the interconnected events involved are explored the body begins to express how these experiences are stuck or held in the physical body. Events that surface to be acknowledged and released may not have been in the conscious awareness of the participant. As we work through the various layers expressed we may find we are working on very early material. This can be from when we were growing in the womb or from our birth and very early life. We may even work on ancestral patterns and experiences from before we were conceived.

What comes forward in the sessions will depend on the participants intention, how safe and supported they feel in the group and what is present in the greater field dynamics of family and culture.

Because this group work supports deep shifts in the physical body as well as in our emotional, intellectual, ancestral and energetic fields it has the potential to heal the foundational roots of many difficult and long-held/hidden patterns.

Each session is followed by a sharing of all the group members own experience during the session and time for integration.

Each person will receive a debriefing the day after their session, which further supports understanding and integration of the what shifted and released during the session.

We will take time at the beginning of the workshop to explain how we delve into our re-patterning process. We will also go over the principles of safety and contact that allow us to do this deep work together. At the end of the workshop we will have some time for integrating and reinforcing the work we have done together.

Application Process

Because spaces are limited in this workshop, please fill out the form below to let me know you would like to participate. If the workshop is full, we will put you on a wait-list.

Once your place is confirmed, you will complete a Prenatal and Birth History form. Please fill it out with as much detail as you can and submit it before the workshop begins.

Applications are closed.

Some things we can re-pattern in these workshops:

  • Abuse whether it is physical, emotional, sexual, medical, nutritional… this includes very early abuse.
  • Addictions, including food, chemical, psychological and more
  • Emotional patterns i.e. anxiety, depression, collapse, held anger…
  • Physical issues – gut problems, alignment issues, pain, allergies…
  • Embodiment: we come into a deeper relationship with ourselves. This allows us to be more present and comfortable with ourselves, to accept, forgive and have compassion/empathy for ourselves. This in turn supports us to come into deeper relationship with others
  • Relationship patterns: our ability to trust, communicate, understand and be ourselves in our intimate relationships
  • Have access to more energy, vitality and health in our daily lives.
  • Ancestral patterns: Much of what we do we learned from imitating our parents or caregivers before we were able to think and choose if we wanted to behave in those ways. These workshops help us bring these patterns to consciousness. This allows us to have a choice about how we act. This is just one layer of the myriad of ways we can re-set patterns put in place, often before we were even conceived.
  • Very early experiences from when we were growing in the womb, when we were being born and the first few months and years of our lives.

The Importance of Working in Small Groups.

The most powerful transformation often happens with the support of a group. Participants need to commit to attending the entire workshop. This is important for the creation of safety and security in the group. It is best to leave the evenings free as the ending time will vary. This is extremely important as we need space to be with whatever shows up. The evenings are also valuable integration times. Participants also need to agree not to use substances such as alcohol and other drugs during the workshop.

The group will continue to support each other after the workshop is over. This assists in sustaining each persons’ shifts which helps to reinforce the new pattern. When making deep shifts on multiple levels, as we do in these workshops, it can be challenging to find a new way to be in our daily lives. Connection and repeated communication with members of the group is vital for grounding and integrating the changes and continuing the re-patterning.

Principles used in Re-Patterning Workshops:

  • Circle: Everyone is equally important in the circle. We choose to be in mutual support and cooperation.
  • Self-Care: Everyone agrees to take care of their own needs. This way no one has to feel responsible for each other’s needs.
  • Safety: Everyone has a choice. If you say ‘no’ or don’t want to do anything that is welcomed.
  • Slowing down: All participants are encouraged to call a ‘pause’ at any time. If things are getting confusing, overwhelming, difficult or you just need to say something it is good for everyone to ask for a pause.
  • Safe contact: Ask for permission before making contact with each other, be aware of how intense your focus is on each other, brief and frequent eye contact is powerful.
  • Making I Statements: It is important to speak from our own experience and not tell someone what they are feeling.
  • Confidentiality: Everything that happens during the workshop is held in confidentiality. Nothing is shared without permission.
  • Transformation and Magic: What happens in the sacred space of these workshops allows for amazing things to shift and change in our lives.

About the Facilitator:

Renee Hella is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher and has been facilitating deep healing work for more than 16 years. Renee began her work with this modality (Pre and Perinatal Psychology) in 2012 and assists with summer intensives and process workshops with Myrna Martin.

Renee grew up in a big family in Papua New Guinea and has the ability to stay present with multi-layered, subtle dynamics within families/groups as well as within the various layers of our greater cultural fields.

Renee’s parents and grandparents were missionaries and Renee went to a religious boarding school for high school, this gives her particular sensitivity to the attitude “This is for your own good”. This, along with her Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training, results in Renee being particularly skilled at listening to and supporting the health and deep knowing which is within each of us. She also is very conscious of any dynamic of ‘I knowing what is best for you’ or the trying/wanting to ‘fix’ each other that is prevalent in our culture.

Renee continues to work deeply and honestly with her own traumas including her ancestral history of guilt and shame, a very difficult birth, early sexual abuse, rape, cyclical vomiting, depression, migraines, addictions, toxic mold and chemical sensitivity, religious/cultural authoritarianism, medical interventions and more.

Renee’s work is a path of feeling her roots and grounding into her own body by continuously exploring how she can more fully embody her ‘Deeper Self’. When supporting clients and groups she leans back into the support of the Earth and our ancient Grandmothers’. This practice gives more depth, safety, wisdom and multi-dimensional support to the work the group does.

If you are interested in signing up for a workshop or you’d like to organize or hosting a workshop yourself please contact us.

Getting to Lillooet

Arrangements will be supported for people coming via Vancouver or Kamloops to connect and share a car rental to drive to Lillooet. You can fly to Vancouver or Kamloops, but not Lillooet.

From Vancouver:

  1. Take BC-1 E out of Vancouver (through Hope) to BC-12 N at Lytton. Follow BC-12 from Lytton to Lillooet. Watch out for rocks on the road between Lytton & Lillooet.
  2. Take BC-99 N out of Vancouver (through Whistler). Turn right to stay on BC-99 in Mt Currie. Follow BC-99 the rest of the way to Lillooet (gorgeous drive). Watch for rocks, deer and other wildlife on the road between Mt. Currie and Lillooet.

From Kamloops:

Take BC-1 W, then in Cache Creek, follow BC-97 N briefly to BC-99 S. Follow BC-99 S to Lillooet.


Lillooet, BC is an incredibly beautiful little town on the Fraser River, about 240 kilometres (150 miles) or 4 hours drive north from Vancouver (2 hrs north of Whistler). Lillooet has no airport but is only 2 hours drive from Kamloops. Nestled into the rivers and mountains, Lillooet is a rugged, natural location that is truly unique. There is something very special about this place for healing, culture, relationships and feeling the symbiotic interactions of human and non-human.

Places to Stay:

There are several lovely campsites with great facilities located in and around Lillooet as well as motels, hotels, B&Bs and quite a few Airbnb options in the area. More info here including an overview of price breakdowns. The first two motels on the list are within about 5 min walk to the venue.