Advanced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 4-day workshop

Dates: July 12-15, 2024
Times: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Cost: CAD $800
Location: Lillooet, BC

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Advanced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 4-day workshop

Dates: July 12-15, 2024
Times: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Cost: CAD $800
Location: Lillooet, BC (St’at’mic territory)


Getting to Lillooet and where to stay here.

Foundation workshop for a land-based, holistic approach to working with the gut.

This seminar explores the felt sense of various levels of our digestive system. Our labyrinthine digestive system is delightfully multilayered and intertwined. Incredibly clever and resourceful, resilient and creative it is a system with such a variety of ways of interacting with the environment while nourishing our bodies that it is mind-boggling to explore. Therefore, we must rely on deepening our felt sense.

Understanding of structured/living water dynamics is key to understanding and working with the gut. Not only is our gut grown according to spiral dynamics but the mucosa and microbiome also are dependent on the gel-like fourth phase of water. This incredible phase of water is gaining attention in the scientific field and is the basis of the interaction of the mucosa and microbiome in our bodies. There is much to explore here in this is the powerful fluid transition zone where human meets microbe. I call it the symbiotic zone which is an epigenetic, ancestral, communal and environmental field dynamic and is a physical facet of consciousness.

Overview of Seminar:

  • Journey through the digestive tract including a basic understanding of structured water dynamics as the basis of the multi-faceted gut dynamics
  • Face complex: digestion begins before we have even put food into our mouths. Smell, sounds, visual, digestive enzymes, tongue, teeth, thyroid
  • ENS as a neural net/web – sensing environment/clients through smell/taste/synesthesia
  • Diaphragm Complex: Vital, often misunderstood stage of digestion; stomach acid, bile, pancreatic enzymes, sphincters and basic DIY ways to optimize this zone
  • Gut mucosa as symbiotic zone – incredibly huge field where we meet the world, intimate interactions of man and microbe
  • Embryology Umbilical and Placenta Complex – into the small intestine (gut intuition and flow vs shock and freeze)
  • Microbiome and personality/consciousness: understanding, appendix, colon and biofilms
  • Pelvic complex: Again multilayered… sacrum, sigmoid colon, rectum and legs and feet as extension of our colon. Incredible personal power (magnetism) and potency can be accessed from this area


Felt Sense – Discerning Symbiosis:

The felt sense of the Enteric Nervous System is quite different than that of our Central Nervous System. In our modern consciousness this is something so alien and yet so familiar that it is like a fish trying to get the felt-sense of water. We need to be able to be with altered realities to begin to understand our guts. Our gut is symbiotically integrated with an incredible variety of microbes. So many that they even outnumber the cells in our bodies. The question then becomes, of course… who is actually running the show… are we man or microbe? To get the felt sense of our gut lining, our 1/2 inch zone of connection and symbiosis, we must step through the looking glass by turning ourselves inside out and cultivating our awareness of this subtle, multi-dimensional intelligence(s!) that operate not unlike an octopus in a maze.

We will keep grounded and centered in our bodies by reclaiming our placentas (tree of life). There is a way of feeling our gut/microbe as a biodynamic whole that is quite different than the felt-sense of the individual primary respiration of the various organs of the gut, connection to our placenta is an incredible resource for our digestion and grounds us by connecting us deeply to the earth.

Other things touched on in this foundational workshop:

  • Experiential exercises including qi gong and other practical DIY techniques to optimize and interact with our digestive systems
  • Living or structured water and its relationship to digestion
  • Land-based inclusion of environment to understand gut (including frequencies wireless, bodies of water, earthing)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and gut microbiome
  • Talking to clients about food triggers/sensitivities
  • Deeper grounding and centering through connection to our placenta
  • Vagus-Brain-Gut-Microbe personality loop/labyrinth
  • Teeth and CSF
  • Fawn trauma dynamics
  • Symbiosis of gut mucosa and microbiota
  • Enteric glial cells / Brain glial resonance (leaky gut/leaky brain)
  • Practical exercises we can do to enhance our and our clients felt sense of our digestive system
  • Attachment/Immunology, moods and addiction
  • Groundswell and labyrinthine nature of gut communication (intuition)

Most of these things will be explored in depth in a follow up seminar coming soon.

Lillooet is a very unique and beautiful place about 2 hours drive north of Whistler. More information on getting to Lillooet and places to stay here.

About the Tutor:

Renee Hella has been studying the multi-dimensional digestive system and all things related to the gut, including the microbiome, cultural and spiral dynamics for the last 30 years. Originally trained in physical anthropology and working internationally as a chef, nutritionist and food writer she also is a craniosacral therapist and Pre and Perinatal Psychology educator. Her direct experience approach to understanding us as superorganisms that work in symbiosis with microbe and environment allows us to explore the myriad of ways we can work with the digestive system to support our clients in their quest for optimal Health. More about Renee here.

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