GAPS Diet Consultation

GAPS begins first with an introduction diet (though many people, to ease their transition begin first by learning how to cook and shop for the full GAPS diet and when they are comfortable with that, return to the introduction phases). The introduction diet is a series of six stages before returning to the full GAPS diet.

The first couple stages allow broth, good quality fat, easily digested vegetables, boiled meats and the juice of fermented vegetables. We eat lots of soups on the GAPS diet.

Once symptoms no longer appear, additional foods like fruit, raw vegetables and juice, nuts and nut flours are slowly added. The full GAPS diet allows most whole foods, but still excludes processed foods, grains, starchy tubers, sugars (except for honey) and other foods that can potentially damage an already compromised gut.

Here are links to more complete description of the Intro and Full GAPS Diets, as well as a post listing many GAPS Diet recommended foods.


GAPS websites:


In general Dr Natasha does not recommend testing. It is expensive and often gives quite variable results. These companies offer some options. The Ubiome is quite interesting in general and you can order a kit so you can get a before and after look at your microbiome. But if you have certain symptoms you may as well just start the diet so we have some links to some helpful questionaires as well.

The following resources are mostly for Vancouver, BC


Kitchen Equipment:

Cleaning Products:

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