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Resources for the GAPS Syndrome Diet




GAPS Diet Recommended Foods


GAPS websites:


In general Dr Natasha does not recommend testing. It is expensive and often gives quite variable results. These companies offer some options. The Ubiome is quite interesting in general and you can order a kit so you can get a before and after look at your microbiome. But if you have certain symptoms you may as well just start the diet so we have some links to some helpful questionaires as well.

The following resources are mostly for Vancouver, BC


Kitchen Equipment:

  • Gourmet Warehouse
    1340 East Hastings Street
    Vancouver, BC V5L-1S3
  • Much and Little
    2541 Main Street
    Vancouver BC V5T 3E5
    Riess enamelware pots, pans, bowls, strainers and more.
  • Homesteader’s Emporium
    649 East Hastings Street
    Vancouver, BC V6A 1R2
  • Von Hardenberg Candles
    604 462 9244
    Clean burning beeswax candles
  • Water Matters
    2539 Laurel St
    Vancouver, BC V5Z4P8
    Water filters, vitamin C for baths, ancient minerals bath flakes, Himalayan salt and earthing mats

Cleaning Products:

  • Quidditas
    1906 Commercial Drive (@3rd Ave),
    Vancouver BC V5N 4A7
    604-253-3389: Loose herbs for teas, chemical free shampoo, ancient minerals bath flakes, vitamin C powder for baths, shower filters, essential oils and more
  • The Laundry Ball
    Clean Clothes, Without Chemicals
  • Royal Herbs
    604 585 7994
    Herbal soaps and shampoos