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Six Sessions of Craniosacral Therapy


Get a package of six consecutive craniosacral therapy sessions and reap the full benefits of this comprehensive healing treatment. With a package of six sessions you are agreeing to have sessions once a week. Weekly sessions are incredibly beneficial in that they build on each other and your healing happens much faster as your brain and body rewire as they orient to the health in your body.

If you’d prefer to test the water first, try a single session.

About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Life expresses itself in motion. All tissues of the body ‘breathe’ with the motions of life, producing subtle, rhythmic impulses which can be felt under the sensitive, experienced hands of a trained therapist. Craniosacral therapy is a safe, non-manipulative, hands-on therapy that can be helpful with a wide variety of conditions.

Craniosacral therapy is deeply relaxing. It assists the body’s natural healing processes, increasing physical vitality and well-being. It aids in pain relief and encourages the nervous system, organs and musculoskeletal system to balance and heal. Craniosacral therapy is client-led, allowing the individuals system to set the pace at which the work progresses.

Craniosacral therapy is carried out sitting or lying on a treatment table fully clothed. The therapist generally places their hands under the client's head, feet, back or sacrum, along the spinal column, and listens to the body's fluid motion. The client may experience a deep sense of relaxation. They may also become aware of heat or cold, tingling, pulsations, emotional release and other sensations. It's common for client and practitioner to exchange feedback about the therapy during a session. It's often beneficial for the client to share images, sensations or experiences that arise during a session.

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