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Pre and Perinatal Psychology Sessions


Sessions are 90 mins to 2 hours in length and are an incredibly powerful way to work with early attachment issues, pre-conception, ancestral patterns, birth, abuse, developmental trauma, addictions, womb twin survivor and other traumas.

These sessions are also wonderful for working to awaken and optimize your innate abilities and are instrumental in reaching your goals and assist you to come into your full potential.

Adult Sessions:

In these sessions we begin by working with your intention for what you want in your life. This can take some time as we find our way to the true core of your intention. A lot of re-patterning can happen even as we are working with your intention. As the session progresses we deepen into your history to find the places where your energy has been frozen or held. As we move through this material your body will drop into it’s somatic memories and we will be able to work to release anything that is caught in the tissues and structures of your body.

This process allows us to work backwards as well as forwards in time in the present moment. By doing this very fundamental blocks and beliefs about yourself will change. This allows you to understand why you repeat certain behavior no matter how hard you try not to. Through this process you begin to let go of learned behaviors which developed early in life before you were verbal or cognitive of what was happening. As a result you will begin to have choice about whether you fall into that same pattern of behavior or choose something different in each moment.

It is helpful to have plenty of support when doing these sessions so we recommend working with two practitioners or doing this work in groups — somatic repatterning or process workshops. If you are working with two practitioners the cost is about $350 for a two hour session. So it is generally much more affordable and powerful to do a group process workshop instead.

It is very useful to have a craniosacral therapy session a week after your session for help with integration. Renee also offers Skype sessions to help with integration and grounding.

Family Sessions:

Sessions are about 2 hours depending on the child. When working with a child it is important to work with both parents where possible. If only one parent is available we work with them or if there are other primary caregiver(s) they should also be present.

These sessions are mostly led by the child and supported by the practitioner. They may play in a tunnel to re-pattern their birth. They may also play with various toys in particular ways, playing out various events in their early life. They may also want play with soft swords and shields or puppets.

Children know what they need and want and are much more in contact with their somatic body than adults are. Often the child will be working with a challenging birth, repressed anger, issues around protection or other attachment issues. It is important for the caregiver to engage in the various games with the practitioner and child.

All of the child’s emotions are welcome during these sessions and the adults need to be able to be fully present for the child. Various tools for helping to support this process at home are explained.


Renee facilitates intimate somatic repatterning process workshops. Everyone has an opportunity to do their own work. If you would like to participate in one of these workshops please contact us. The power of doing this work in intimate groups is truly remarkable. Shifts that come about from these workshops are absolutely foundational.

Renee has also created a series of powerful True Self-Love workshops which help practitioners from a wide range of healing modalities deepen into a more embodied relationship with themselves, allowing them to be more present with their clients.

About Renee

Renee trained with Myrna Martin beginning in 2012. Renee assists Myrna regularly.

Renee is an approved Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of America. She has practiced Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy since 2003 all over the world from New Zealand to Myanmar to North America, and has a diverse, multi-cultural understanding of attachment and the somatic expressions of our bodies.

See Renee’s full biography here.

About Pre and Perinatal Psychology

A baby's experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong consequences for individuals, families, and society.

Our core human characteristics are substantially shaped in the few precious hours before, during and after birth when the brain is making neuro-connections at its fastest and most aggressive rate: over 2 million connections per second. Recent research in neurophysiology and trauma support the core tenant of pre and perinatal psychology: more than any other experience, your birth shapes who you are, the decisions you make, the way you feel about life, and how you move forward in life.

Once you learn the origins of stubborn, counter-productive tendencies Pre and Perinatal Psychology assists you to discover, in your own way, how to escape the emotional, physical, and neurologic patterns that bind you and blind you. When you become freer from these old patterns you can enjoy increased awareness, have access to more options, and more easily live a satisfying life.

Who does this work help?

  • Women who've experienced difficult pregnancies or labor (due to pain, loss, feelings of ambivalence, etc.) and feel afraid or stressed at the prospect of giving birth again.
  • Babies who have experienced difficult births (due to anesthesia, maternal stress hormones, etc.).
  • Adults who feel an ongoing sense of abandonment or have difficulty forming healthy attachments with a child due to birth-related trauma.

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