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Pre and Perinatal Consultations (Skype)


Renee offers continuing support for clients who are doing their Pre and Perinatal Somatic Psychology (PPN) work.

These Skype sessions are to help with integration after a client has done a process workshop, individual PPN session, a PPN training or 2 week intensive with any of the teachers in this field. These sessions are not to replace doing the in-person PPN session work, but to help with integrating what has shifted.

Renee also offers individual Pre and Perinatal Psychology in-person sessions as well small group somatic repattering process workshops.

Renee facilitates powerful True Self-Love workshops which help practitioners from a wide range of healing modalities deepen into a more embodied relationship with themselves, allowing them to be more present with their clients.

Renee trained with Myrna Martin beginning in 2012. Renee also assists Myrna regularly.

Renee is an approved Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of America. She has practiced Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy since 2003 all over the world from New Zealand to Myanmar to North America, and has a diverse, multi-cultural understanding of attachment and the somatic expressions of our bodies.

About Pre and Perinatal Psychology

A baby's experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong consequences for individuals, families, and society.

Our core human characteristics are substantially shaped in the few precious hours before, during and after birth when the brain is making neuro-connections at its fastest and most aggressive rate: over 2 million connections per second. Recent research in neurophysiology and trauma support the core tenant of pre and perinatal psychology: more than any other experience, your birth shapes who you are, the decisions you make, the way you feel about life, and how you move forward in life.

Once you learn the origins of stubborn, counter-productive tendencies Pre and Perinatal Psychology assists you to discover, in your own way, how to escape the emotional, physical, and neurologic patterns that bind you and blind you. When you become freer from these old patterns you can enjoy increased awareness, have access to more options, and more easily live a satisfying life.

Who does this work help?

  • Women who've experienced difficult pregnancies or labor (due to pain, loss, feelings of ambivalence, etc.) and feel afraid or stressed at the prospect of giving birth again.
  • Babies who have experienced difficult births (due to anesthesia, maternal stress hormones, etc.).
  • Adults who feel an ongoing sense of abandonment or have difficulty forming healthy attachments with a child due to birth-related trauma.

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