At Lumen Natura our focus is on helping you calm and nourish your nervous system while providing support for your own innate healing ability to resource, transform and manifest. We work with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, GAPS™ Diet, Pre & Perinatal Somatic Psychology, Qi Gong, Culinary Therapy (including microbiome) and more.

We offer a multi-dimensional approach to letting go, re-patterning and resolving physical, emotional, mental, digestive, birth, developmental, chemical, medical and ancestral trauma. We also work with awakening and optimizing our innate abilities to allow clients to access their full potential.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Craniosacral therapy is a safe, non-manipulative, hands-on therapy that can be helpful with a wide variety of conditions. Sessions are 60 minutes.

After a health history interview in the initial session, the client remains fully clothed and relaxes on a massage table as the practitioner gently holds the head, feet or along the spine, listening to the cerebral spinal fluid and the other tissues of the body. Places in the body where traumas are held are gently recognized and respected. The focus is on the health and vitality of the client’s system.

GAPS™ Diet Consultations

GAPS Diet Consultations are 90 minutes and are usually conducted online. Follow-up sessions may be needed at different stages in the diet when new foods are being added or if any issues arise. Generally the first 6 months on the GAPS™ protocol are the most challenging

Renee offers nutritional and dietary advice based on many years of experience as a chef, including rising to the level of Executive Chef at Boutique international hotels, and based on her experience as a wellness practitioner. She also completed the official GAPS™ Practitioner training in 2011.

Pre and Perinatal Psychology Somatic Sessions

These are very powerful sessions. This work can be done in person or online, sessions times will vary depending on the client’s intention and what is coming up for them. Sessions are usually at least 90 mins. Please contact us for more information and to arrange a session time.

Somatic Repatterning Workshops – 4 day deeply re-patterning small group process workshops.

Students / Practitioners

Mentoring / Supervision – 60 minute online sessions for BCST
Price: $120