Primo Vascular System – The Anatomy of Meridians

The primo vascular system has a specific anatomical and immunohistochemical signature that sets it apart from the arteriovenous and lymphatic systems.

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Presence of a primo vessel within the lymphatic vessel of a rat. Illustration (A) and micrographic image (B). Arrows points to primo vessel.

Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease

I spent many years of my childhood watching my grandmother unable to do anything much other than sit in her chair and watch TV because of Alzheimers disease. Years later my grandfather followed her down the same path. Since it has always been said this is a genetic disease I have always had a lot of interest in studies on Alzheimers disease. This paper, published online Oct 2015 finally has some real answers. I have thought that Alzheimers had to do with yeast/mold for years especially after my run-in with living in a very moldy apartment which ultimately resulted in all kinds of strange neurodegenerative issues which I have completely reversed with the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet. As a result all of this personal difficulty in my interactions with yeasts I am very excited to read this paper and see the images provided showing the yeasts in the nerves of the brain and CNS as well as arteries.