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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

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Neuro-Theology and Temporal Lobe Events

Electromagnetic fields, temporal lobe events and the sensed presence. ...


New Research Discovers That Depression Is An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation

Finally the connection between inflammatory diets and depression is being studied in the scientific community. Within five years we can reverse the epidemic of depression. ...


Nascent Iodine vs Lugols

An increasing number of my clients these days have some kind of issue with their thyroid. Many of them also have autoimmune disorders, parasites, candida and other sorts of unbalanced microbiomes. After working with ...


Malidoma Somé on the Sacred Ritual of Touch

There is a deeply sacred dimension to touch, and therefore, a ritual that authorizes people to touch one another allows them to relax in a sacred context. ...



“Microbirth” is a new 60 minute documentary investigating the latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth. These events could have life-long consequences for the health of ...


Discussion of Trauma with Dr. Scaer

Powerful interview discussion physiology of trauma and how it can get triggered quite easily with seemingly not-so-significant events. ...

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Earth Qi Gong with Ged Sumner

Earth Qi Gong workshop with Ged Sumner Oct 2014 in Vancouver, BC. Get to know your body with this slow, powerful and ancient movement meditation. ...

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