Lumen Natura

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


The Power of Loving Yourself

"It is vitally important to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, we value ourselves, when we value ourselves, we teach people how to treat us." ...

glial cells

Your Brain is a Billion Bags of Water

R. Douglas Fields explains how the brain is more like a highly evolved collection of billions of bags of seawater than a computer. ...

Amazing artwork by Kd Neeley. Prints available click on image.

From Womb to World

Anna Verwaal gives us an overview of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and how our time in the womb influences the rest of our lives. ...


Lumen Natura in the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area

A big thanks to the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area for adding Lumen Natura to their business directory! Check out the listing on their site. ...

Hippocampus by Greg Dunn

Neuroscientist Artist Greg Dunn

Amazing art by neuroscientist Greg A Dunn. ...

Betrayal  by Aegis Strife

The Pregnant Virgin – Active Receptibility

Femininity, biologically and psychically, is by nature receptive. We have been so busy giving that we are unable to receive. ...

Her Hands Grew Back

Embodied Hands – Feeling Again

Probably the most common and painful wound which occurs in our Western world is being cut off from our ability to feel. It is dangerous when a wound is so common, as no one knows there is a problem. ...

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